Board Members

Alois Munyi Nyaga (Dad)-Vice Chairperson

Alois Munyi is among the founding members of Hope for Orphans Rescue and Education Centre (HOREC). He allowed the first group of children rescued by Christine Wambui to leave in his house. Later he bought a small piece of land in Ruai where he moved in together with the children. Although at that time he was stationed in Uganda he continued working towards the growth of HOREC. Alois has a background in engineering and has always assisted the home in various projects. He currently volunteers in our farm project and he has helped the farm to become self sustainable.

Hannah Wairimu Nganga-Treasurer

Hannah Wairimu is among the founding members of Hope for Orphans Rescue and Education Centre (HOREC). Hannah Wairimu has always had a compassionate heart and when Christine Wambui approached her for help in 2006, she accepted the call. She did all her best to ensure HOREC was going to be a success. Through her Barclays Bank Kenya built our first dormitory when HOREC moved to her new home in Mutalia. After that Barclays become good friends and they did wonderful projects in HOREC. She also helped us to start our clinic project and the organization was so honored with her undying support and named the clinic after her (St Hannah Comprehensive Care Clinic). Hannah is always ready to help HOREC. The organization is happy to have her as the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees.

Christine Wambui Munyi (Mum)-Secretary

Christine Wambui Munyi or commonly referred to as “Mum” established HOREC in 2005 after volunteering in various slums looking after People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). In the process of administering ARVs and giving food aid to PLWHA, she experienced first-hand the neglect and abuse the children of the PLWHA underwent. She started taking the children whose parents had passed on or their guardians abused them into her own home. Christine Wambui was able to raise limited resources from family, well wishers and in the process rented a single room that provided shelter to girls only due to their vulnerability. Through this first step HOREC has been able to take care of children infected or affected with HIV for over 12 years. Christine is currently the Executive Director of HOREC

Jane Mujeni Sofali – Board Member

Jane Mujeni joined the HOREC Board in 2018. Mujeni brings to the board her vast experience in marketing as HOREC looks forward to building relationships with more well-wishers and maintain our current donors, friends and like minded individuals/ institutions.

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