Comprehensive Care Clinic

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HIV/ AIDS still pose as one of the major health challenges in Kenya. People living with HIV and AIDS in Koma location, Matungulu District in Machakos County – Kenya lack accessibility to ARVs and follow-up since the nearest Comprehensive Care Clinic (Herein referred to as a CCC) is approximately 45 KM away. There is a shortage of CCCs in the entire Kenya republic and there is little being done if any by the government to increase such facilities as well as equipping them with the necessary resources to better serve the HIV infected populations. For this, the care for HIV infected persons has been wanting and of much concern.

Those largely vulnerable are children and women as a result. These two groups are considered key towards the very survival of a nation and the assurance of the nation’s future. The CCC that will be set up in HOREC will have a VCT that will screen the community members and provide ARVs to the people who are living with HIV and AIDS. It’s worth noting that HOREC is a children’s home that takes care of children who are living with HIV and AIDS and the only such institution in the expansive Machakos County going by the revised and current Counties geographical boundaries. The CCC will ensure health services are available to the community and to the children most especially infected and affected with HIV. The proposed initiative is geared at ensuring there are more people in the community who can access ARVs and adherence is ensured through close and sustained follow-ups and monitoring.

The CCC would further engage doctors and nurses from public and private hospitals who would in the initial phase volunteer services for the benefit of the community. The facility is also expected to offer outreach services through public education and sensitization, close monitoring of HIV trends within the community and act as a resource center for institutions, organizations and individuals on matters HIV/ AIDS. Setting up the CCC would be a step in the right direction towards ensuring reduction in new infections as well as providing holistic care to the affected and infected.

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